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"The Michigan Sport Consulting Group aids both early stage companies and industry staples with growth strategy in new and exciting facets of the industry. Implementing and altering business plans during all steps of the process, from ideation to market strategies, is one of the pillars of the Michigan Sport Consulting Group's consulting model.


Key areas of consulting include: strategic marketing, sponsorship research, consumer surveys, engagement analytics, and database creation. MSCG thrives by working on problems that your company doesn't have the time or resources to work on yourself."


Working with the Michigan Sport Consulting Group ensures that an organization gets access to some of the brightest young minds in the sport industry. Each work stream is controlled by a team of analysts and led by a project manager with oversight from members of our executive board.


Ryan Breuner

Director of Fan Insights and Innovations


I had the pleasure of working with the Michigan Sports Consulting Group in the Fall of 2018. Quickly, I realized all students involved with MSCG had the enthusiasm and skill set needed to complete the project. The team was dependable, creative, proactive and incredibly hard working.


Their finished project has given us a go to market strategy for NCAA schools and a valuable tool to rank schools that would benefit the most from the services FanCompass provides.


I know that all students in the Michigan Sports Consulting Group will excel at whatever they do. I highly recommend this group to any companies that may be interested in getting involved.


Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss further. I’d be happy to expand on my evaluation.

Justin Bergman

Global Partnerships Coordinator

Oak View Group

The MSCG Team was extremely easy to work with during our five-month period. They were willing to learn and asked stimulating questions throughout the duration of the project. Communication was flawless and they kept us updated on their progress.

Their scope of work included how sport gambling companies will partner with teams, leagues, and venues as well as mobile, digital, and media platforms.

The deliverables presented and their analytical recommendations will be used as a resource to ultimately assist OVG in making decisions. We highly recommended giving the MSCG team the opportunity to work with any organization in the sport business industry.

Matt Rossetti



"ROSSETTI had the pleasure of working with the Michigan Sport Consulting Group in our effort to better understand the fan experience and the supply & demand of products in North American arenas.


The team from the Michigan Sport Consulting Group is a smart, insightful group, and they delivered quality work that reached beyond what was expected or within the initial scope.


It was clear that the team did their research to fully understand ROSSETTI and our work, and tailored their deliverables to be most impactful for our needs.


Their final presentation was spot on – it was clear that they had an in-depth knowledge of the work. When asked about specific points or when further details were requested, the team thoroughly and sufficiently elaborated.


We would highly recommend the MSCG for any consultatory work in the sport, business, or entertainment industries.” - 

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