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Increasing their presence amongst the younger demographic namely Gen Z and Millennials



Gauge and enhance interest in Immortals Gaming Club and their partners in the Ann Arbor area

The Marquee Professional Baseball League in the World

With Major League Baseball’s Venue Operations team, MSCG explored the intersection of safety, sustainability, and revenue in a post-pandemic world. The project team looked for creative solutions to the largest problems facing every professional sport franchise that have arisen with the COVID-19 pandemic. The MLB hopes to implement the reccomendations MSCG came up with as baseball returns to normal in 2021.


The Future of the Fairway, a San Diego based Start-up

Fling Golf is a new form of sport that started on the east coast and is spreading rapidly throughout the country. MSCG helped them build a grassroots marketing campaign using all the tools necessary in this digital age. From social media to a brand ambassador program to tailgating sponsors, MSCG provided several tangible recommendations that Fling Golf is going to implement immediately in their pursuit of more growth as a startup.


Baseball Reigns King

in Queens

The New York Mets tasked MSCG with drawing a specific target demographic to Citi Field: entertainment seekers. Our team used creative ideas for use of Citi Field space, current partnerships, and original ticket packages to initiate ideas for drawing entertainment seekers to Mets games. MSCG delivered an in-person presentation at Citi Field as well as a 150+ page report outlining our recommendations.


Behind the Scenes: Sport Gambling Data Crunching

MSCG researched countries for $implebet to target based on the legislative landscape, popularity of sports and sport betting, and any available data on gambling markets and the largest books in those markets. The analyst team developed recommendations in three different deliverable formats ranging from one-page research analysis to top-tier targets for $implebet to partner with.


Professional Football's Home in South Florida

In partnership with U-M’s Sport Management 499: Strategy of Sport Organizations course, MSCG completed the market research necessary to look at different ways to engage NFL, and Dolphins, fans outside of Hard Rock Stadium. Whether it be social media, CSR, or digital platforms, media consumption is evolving for consumers and sport consumers especially. MSCG helped the Dolphins analyze the current market to adapt their practices for the future.


Elite Entertainment and Sports Come Together

Elevate Sports Ventures is the joint sport consultant of the San Francisco 49ers, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, Oak View Group, and Ticket Master. MSCG worked with Elevate in several buckets within the partnership realm to prepare research and recommendations for Elevate to use in their current and future client work.


The Sports Philanthropic Report Card

Working alongside the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology, MSCG created the Good Sport Report (GSR). The GSR was created to emulate the racial and Gender Report card but with a focus on philanthropic efforts of sport organizations. The goal of this project was to spread awareness of the philanthropic efforts of teams as well as establish a baseline for future iterations of the report.


A Chicago Based Media Marketing Firm

 MSCG worked primarily with the Detroit branch of Intersport. The project began by doing research into similar large-scale events to what Intersport was considering hosting in downtown Detroit- but our team went above and beyond to assist on sponsorship activation, event planning and logistics, ticketing, marketing, strategy, and more.


The Impact of Venues in a Community

ASM Global, the world's largest venue management company, tasked MSCG with gauging the outlook of the economic impact their managed venues in the Grand Rapids area have on the city and surrounding areas. Through the use of heavy data analytics and multiplier, MSCG was able to provide an estimate of the impact that Van Andel Arena, DeVos Place, and DeVos Performance Hall had on the local economy.


Sports Conglomerate Disrupter

Oak View Group asked MSCG to research the emerging U.S. sport gambling space and how that will affect OVG's venues, specifically. MSCG researched international sport gambling operations in Europe and Asia and projected their outcomes in the U.S. In the second half of the project, MSCG was able to provide some creative, tangible recommendations for OVG that they could take action on to prepare their venues for sport gambling in the future.


A Detroit Based Commercial Architecture and Planning firm

MSCG was tasked with doing research on NHL arenas and the current trends within stadium design, particularly within premium seating areas. The MSCG team conducted primary and secondary research on all 31 NHL teams. Using qualitative and quantitative data, our team then recommended several ways for Rosetti to use their Return on Design initiative in NHL arenas.


Kicking it Around: Business Operations Strategy

FC Baltimore, a startup NPSL soccer franchise, hired MSCG to help them with their initial marketing plans. Divided into four work streams, MSCG took on ticket sales, media rights, sponsorship, and team business operations. MSCG developed potential partnerships, cost-benefit analysis, and more to give FC Baltimore a holistic business plan to utilize beginning this season and down the line.




Justin Bergman

Global Partnerships

Coordinator, Oak View Group

“The MSCG Team was extremely easy to work with during our five-month period. They were willing to learn and asked stimulating questions throughout the duration of the project. Communication was flawless and they kept us updated on their progress.


Their scope of work included how sport gambling companies will partner with teams, leagues, and venues as well as mobile, digital, and media platforms.


The deliverables presented and their analytical recommendations will be used as a resource to ultimately assist OVG in making decisions. We highly recommended giving the MSCG team the opportunity to work with any organization in the sport business industry.”

Ryan Breuner

Director Fan Insights, FanCompass

“I had the pleasure of working with the Michigan Sports Consulting Group in the Fall of 2018. Quickly, I realized all students involved with MSCG had the enthusiasm and skill set needed to complete the project. The team was dependable, creative, proactive and incredibly hard working.


Their finished project has given us a go to market strategy for NCAA schools and a valuable tool to rank schools that would benefit the most from the services FanCompass provides.


I know that all students in the Michigan Sports Consulting Group will excel at whatever they do. I highly recommend this group to any companies that may be interested in getting involved."


Matt Rosetti

President, Rosetti

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"ROSSETTI had the pleasure of working with the Michigan Sport Consulting Group in our effort to better understand the fan experience and the supply & demand of products in North American arenas.


The team from the Michigan Sport Consulting Group is a smart, insightful group, and they delivered quality work that reached beyond what was expected or within the initial scope.


It was clear that the team did their research to fully understand ROSSETTI and our work, and tailored their deliverables to be most impactful for our needs.


Their final presentation was spot on – it was clear that they had an in-depth knowledge of the work. When asked about specific points or when further details were requested, the team thoroughly and sufficiently elaborated."

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