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We're committed to our values of Collaboration & Communication, Innovation, Inclusion, Mentorship, and Growth. Our organization will provide the highest value for your own personal and professional development by giving you real-world experiences that you cannot find anywhere else on campus.


Professional Development



MSCG & Workforce 


Interested in Gaining Real-World Experience

Our Winter 2024 application has closed... check back in the fall!

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Application: a few questions for us to get a feel for you and your background.

Behavioral Interview: more questions for our Talent Acquisition team to meet you, get to know you and your personality, and what you can bring to the table in MSCG.

Case Interview: we will ask you to respond, in presentation form, to a sport-business related prompt and analyze the situation, address any issues, and give us a few strategic recommendations to resolve the problem.


Q: How many people are MSCG taking this semester?

A: MSCG focuses on quality over quantity. We never have a particular number in mind.

Q: What is MSCG looking for in applications and interviews?

A: The one basic thing we look for is enthusiasm for sport business—not just sport. There is a difference. Beyond that, we look for people who will be committed to the organization, are interested in self-improvement through personal and professional development, and bring something unique to the table. We always love diversity in all capacities in MSCG—and we preach diversity of thought on our projects.

Q: What will the application process look like?

A: There will be an application, then a behavioral interview round, and finally a case interview round. It sounds intimidating, but we promise it isn't that bad. In the application and behavioral we want to get to know you. In the case we want to learn your thought processes. 

Applicaton Process + FAQs
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