Rossetti, a Detroit-based sport real-estate company, asked MSCG to do research on NHL arenas and the current trends within stadium design, particularly within premium seating areas. The MSCG team conducted primary and secondary research on all 31 NHL teams. Using qualitative and quantitative data, our team then recommended several ways for Rosetti to use their Return on Design initiative in NHL arenas.

New York Mets

The New York Mets tasked MSCG with drawing a specific target demographic to Citi Field: entertainment seekers. Our team used creative ideas for use of Citi Field space, current partnerships, and original ticket packages to initiate ideas for drawing entertainment seekers to Mets games. MSCG delivered an in-person presentation at Citi Field as well as a 150+ page report outlining our recommendations.


MSCG worked for $implebet—a company that develops the back-end betting lines for in-game sports betting. MSCG researched countries for $implebet to target based on the legislative landscape, popularity of sports and sport betting, and any available data on gambling markets and the largest books in those markets. The analyst team developed recommendations in three different deliverable formats ranging from one-page research analysis to top-tier targets for $implebet to partner with.

Oak View Group

Oak View Group asked MSCG to research the emerging U.S. sport gambling space and how that will affect OVG's venues, specifically. MSCG researched international sport gambling operations in Europe and Asia and projected their outcomes in the U.S. In the second half of the project, MSCG was able to provide some creative, tangible recommendations for OVG that they could take action on to prepare their venues for sport gambling in the future.


FanCompass, a social media engagement and analytics service, hired MSCG to help them expand into the college sports market. While FanCompass had worked with numerous professional teams, MSCG helped them develop a plan for how to target college teams and which ones to target. The group used social media analytics to help focus recommendations to FanCompass for which they could take action on now and in the future.

Intersport is a marketing and sponsorship agency headquartered in Chicago, with MSCG working primarily with their Detroit branch. The project began by doing research into similar events to what Intersport was considering hosting in downtown Detroit- but our team went above and beyond to assist on sponsorship activation, event planning and logistics, ticketing, marketing, strategy, and more.

United Sports Brands

United Sports Brands is a conglomerate located in LA that owns several different brands, including a running brand, Nathan, that MSCG worked with. Nathan was interested in expanding their product line and MSCG worked closely with the client to develop research on a go-to-market strategy for Nathan to develop a segment in two different new markets that they had not yet explored.

Michigan International Speedway

MIS partnered with MSCG to help them develop a marketing and business plan to target the Millennial generation and bring them to race weekends. Using first-hand research through surveys and interviews, our team developed creative insights on how to raise awareness and bring a younger market segment to NASCAR races and MIS, specifically. MSCG provided several in-depth reports on all of the data collected and our actionable recommendations.

Navigate Research

MSCG's first project was a collegiate licensing revenue analysis for Navigate Research, a research and valuation consulting firm. To help Navigate better consult for their collegiate clients, they wanted more information about the licensing space throughout the nation. MSCG thoroughly researched the space, creating a thorough revenue database, and approached Navigate with analysis that they could use to give tangible recommendations for their own clients.

FC Baltimore

FC Baltimore, a startup NPSL soccer franchise, hired MSCG to help them with their initial marketing plans. Divided into four work streams, MSCG took on ticket sales, media rights, sponsorship, and team business operations. MSCG developed potential partnerships, cost-benefit analysis, and more to give FC Baltimore a holistic business plan to utilize beginning this season and down the line.


Ryan Breuner

Director of Fan Insights and Innovations


I had the pleasure of working with the Michigan Sports Consulting Group in the Fall of 2018. Quickly, I realized all students involved with MSCG had the enthusiasm and skill set needed to complete the project. The team was dependable, creative, proactive and incredibly hard working.


Their finished project has given us a go to market strategy for NCAA schools and a valuable tool to rank schools that would benefit the most from the services FanCompass provides.


I know that all students in the Michigan Sports Consulting Group will excel at whatever they do. I highly recommend this group to any companies that may be interested in getting involved.


Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss further. I’d be happy to expand on my evaluation.

Justin Bergman

Global Partnerships Coordinator

Oak View Group

The MSCG Team was extremely easy to work with during our five-month period. They were willing to learn and asked stimulating questions throughout the duration of the project. Communication was flawless and they kept us updated on their progress.

Their scope of work included how sport gambling companies will partner with teams, leagues, and venues as well as mobile, digital, and media platforms.

The deliverables presented and their analytical recommendations will be used as a resource to ultimately assist OVG in making decisions. We highly recommended giving the MSCG team the opportunity to work with any organization in the sport business industry.

Nicole O'Keefe

Brand Director

United Sports Brands

The Michigan Sport Consuliting Group did a great job with a very difficult task - defining the opportunity and go to market plan for a small running brand to expand into new product categories, a true blue ocean task.

Their outside the box thinking provided a fresh persepctive and I was impressed with the level of detail in their research during every phase of the project.

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