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FlingGolf x MSCG

Who is FlingGolf?

FlingGolf is a sport startup looking to cement themselves as a new way to play on the links. Rather than a using a club, FlingGolf uses a lacrosse-like stick to throw the ball across the fairway.

Our Project Objective

Fling Golf came to MSCG with a proposal to help restructure their ambassador program, grow awareness of FlingGolf in the college demographic, and create new digital marketing tactics to maximize their following on social media.


Areas of Business

This was a widespread project that focused most on the marketing side of their business as the education of the consumer was at the forefront of their campaign. 

Project Outlook

Research Stage 1

The first stage of research was split between a case study of comparing the snowboarding industry’s growth into the ski sector and market research on brands similar to FlingGolf that also had an ambassador program. From this research, we determined best practices of the competitors to FlingGolf and devised our own recommendations.


Research Stage 3

One idea that stood out was a tailgating event during football season. We finalized our research on planning out this example event to make it as seamless as possible for FlingGolf to host one of these events in the future.

Research Stage 2

Once this new ambassador program was given to FlingGolf at the midpoint, we proceeded in attacking our final two areas of work which revolved around growing the demographics of FlingGolf through social media. We gathered up social media handles of potential influencers and brainstormed ideas to get college aged students involved on their campuses.


Final Recommendations


The ambassador program was built from the ground up by our team and was given to FlingGolf with a new sense of simplicity, reward system, and an ideal ambassador profile to assist in choosing the applicants

We outlined all members of the golf and lacrosse varsity teams as high priority influencers that would be able to test out the product at various FlingGolf sponsored events.

Appealing to the College Demographic

We provided them a comprehensive spreadsheet of the top schools athletic departments for several groups of schools.

We compiled a list of all major clubs and organizations on Michigan's campus to coordinate social events that would be hosted by FlingGolf.

We found that a tailgating event would be most effective for marketing dollars to be spent on. To outline the event, we listed all potential football venues in a large market and with a golf course that is used for tailgating as prime locations for a FlingGolf event.

We created a University of Michigan case study of a full scale event on the University of Michigan golf course prior to the start of a football game


We found that the key to continuous growth of the demographic and maximizing the market was to continue to innovate their product via new FlingStick models while advancing the game of golf, not replacing it

We saw a huge gap in the golf and surrounding industries in the amount of women and children participation and we pivoted to recommending that FlingGolf take advantage of this space


The demographic will grow through new advertisement and marketing material in local and national golf stores that we provided to them through relevant examples.

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