Alex Hernandez, President

“Hi, my name is Alex Hernandez. I’m a junior at the University of Michigan studying Sport Management, with a minor in economics. Currently, I serve as the President of MSCG and have been a member of the organization since fall of my freshman year. Like the rest of the E-Board, I’ve been thrilled to be a small part of the growth over the past few years and am excited to see what the future holds for us. My career goals are to work in either baseball operations or in the sport consulting space.”

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Catherine Loder, VP of Marketing

“Hi, my name is Catherine Loder. I am a junior at the University of Michigan studying Industrial and Operations Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship. On campus, I serve as the Vice President of Marketing for the Michigan Sport Consulting Group. I have been a part of the organization since the winter of my freshmen year and from the start MSCG has provided me with professional development and given me leadership skills and opportunities that I hope to apply to a future career in consulting.”

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Vice President of Operations

Executive Board Advisor

Lauren MacKeigan, VP of Projects

“Hi-- my name is Lauren and I’m currently a sophomore studying Business at UM. I’m the VP of Projects for MSCG; I’ve previously worked as a Project Manager, Talent Acquisition team member, and Analyst. MSCG was what I was most excited about at the beginning of freshman year and have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent and experience gained through this club. I’m very grateful to be able to further contribute as a VP and have the potential opportunity to work with you. Career-wise, I’m hoping to get into the sport and live entertainment industry but am undecided as to which function. ”

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Thomas Hill, VP of Clients

“Hi, my name is Thomas Hill. I am a junior at the University of Michigan studying Business with a minor in Environmental Science. Within the Michigan Sport Consulting Group, I currently serve as the Vice President of Clients. Through being in the organization since the beginning of my freshman year, I have truly enjoyed not only contributing to MSCG's continued growth, but also learning and growing with the organization. I am incredibly grateful for all the people I have met and lessons I have learned and look forward to seeing what the future holds. My career goals are to work in the financial services industry, and specifically, investment banking.”

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Raj Merchant, VP of Business Development

“Hi! My name is Raj Merchant, and I am a junior studying Sport Management with a minor in Computer Science. I currently serve as the VP of Business Development, and have been a member of MSCG since the fall of my freshman year. MSCG has afforded me the opportunity to apply my knowledge from class in a meaningful capacity for real-world sports clientele. I have learned and grown a lot since I’ve joined the club, and made relationships that I hope last a lifetime. After college, I hope to attend law school, and then traverse into sport business in some capacity.”

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Ian Sheets, VP of Human Capital

“Hello! My name is Ian and I am a sophomore in the Sport Management Program at Michigan. I joined MSCG the fall semester of my freshman year and I have fallen in love ever since. I have held positions as Director of Talent Acquisition and Project Manager in addition to my Analyst work. MSCG has provided me with essential professional development and business experience that is unmatched by any other club in Sport Management. Through MSCG, I have also found an incredible network of friends at Michigan. I believe that our members are what make it a truly special club. After Michigan, I plan to work in community relations for professional sport organizations.”

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Ben Taboga, VP of Operations

“Hi - my name is Benjamin Taboga and I’m a sophomore studying Business and Sport Management at UM. I currently serve as the VP of Operations and formerly was a Project Manager on the MLB project, and on MSCG’s Talent Acquisition team. MSCG has been fundamental in developing my career outlook, as well as connecting me to great people in both professional and personal situations. I’m thrilled to see MSCG grow and tremendously grateful for the opportunities I’ve had through the organization. I hope to break into Baseball Operations after college.”

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Duncan Wallis, Executive Board Advisor

“Hello! My name is Duncan Wallis. I’m a senior at U-M studying Sport Management with a minor in Applied Statistics. I was the President of the Michigan Sport Consulting Group in 2020 and have been a part of the club since fall of my freshman year. I have watched the group grow and evolve, just as I have grown with it. I am so grateful for all the lessons I have learned in leadership and consulting. My career goals are to enter Baseball Operations and I will be joining the Chicago Cubs as a Minor League Video Staffer after graduation.”

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